Financial Position

Financial Position can be described as a snapshot of your current financial progress to date. We can help start your financial planning by calculating your cash flow, cash reserves, and net worth, as well as determining which areas require the greatest attention to help pursue your financial progress.

Cash Flow—Maintaining an adequate, positive cash flow is the starting ground for accumulating wealth. For that reason, we can help manage the total amount of money coming into your household as opposed to the amount of debt and expenses that cause money to leave the household.

Cash Reserves—Do you maintain enough liquid reserves to cover emergencies or opportunities? Experts feel you should maintain three to six months of your monthly expenses in savings for this purpose. We can help you determine the best location for these reserves and how to accumulate them as quickly as possible.

Net Worth—We can help you add up all of your assets (things that you own) and subtract that amount from all that you owe. This is known as your net worth—the truest benchmark of your financial progress. Tracking this amount each year will document any success in pursuing your financial goals.

Our goal is to ensure that you maintain adequate cash flow, so you can minimize your debt and build a healthy cash reserve.